Who are we?

Allvoffice provides services for Managed Service Providers, System Integrators, Value Added Resellers, IT and Software Consultants, ISPs, and any other businesses that operate in the storage industry. IT storage is not only an established but also a profitable and growing industry. In order to to provide more industrial accountability across the world, IT storage counts on off-site auxiliary storage services.
At Allvoffice, we automated the backup process of your information. Your data will be stored at off-site data centers. Thanks to multi-tier redundancy not only at the network but also at hardware levels, maximum protection is guaranteed for your information. It goes without saying that you can access your data at any time. Rest assured that all of your business and personal commitments are always safe with us.

Why is it important to backup your data?

Due to externalities, litigations, accidents, and other disasters, your data can be lost. However, it is important to keep your business’s contact information, important documents, financial contracts, information about your customers, or photographs and videos safe and accessible at all times. Therefore, you should regularly backup your database to make sure that none of your data will be lost.

What are the benefits of using an online backup?

Whether you are a business owner or a private person it is inevitable to regularly backup your data. But what are the advantages of backing up your database online?
As the computer industry is growing rapidly, data stores become a more and more critical part of today’s Information Economy. Therefore, it is not surprising that such applications are crucial for most companies in order to drive their business.
Allvoffice wants to meet this demand with excellent software support. Therefore, our software is not only compatible with SQL but also with Enterprise Linux Boxes and Windows servers. Our Java-based solution is suitable for any business environment of any size.

How does Allvoffice work?

Allvoffice operates in the online Backup storage industry. We provide a branded, standard API, off-site backup solution which is completely transparent. Of course, our services meet all government standards as well as all standards implemented in the medical industry to ensure maximum protection for your data.

After signing up through our online system and receiving your company logo, your online Backup solution will be online within only two to three business days.

Will I have full control over my backups?

Yes, you will have full control over your backups! To ensure that every customer account receives maximum protection, we only use the highest quality encryption. To provide complete data integrity, several operational and technical layers will secure your information. We monitor all of our systems around the clock, 365 days a year. Furthermore, they are subject to third-party audits. We monitor all of our systems around the clock, 365 days a year. Furthermore, we ensure maximum protection against natural disasters.