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Important Note: We have absolutely no way of telling you why a backup was missed specifically. Our system simply is aware that we should have received a backup, but did not within a +/- 5 hour timeframe from the original scheduled time. Please review the following to troubleshoot this.

If you receive an email that your backup "missed", most of the time it can be attributed to one of the following:

    1. The "Online Backup Scheduler" service in the services.msc is not started (Windows).  To verify or restart the service:
      • CLICK Start -> Run (or "Search" on Windows 7),
      • Type services.msc -> Enter
      • Find the service named "Online Backup Scheduler". 
      • Verify it is started and/or right click -> Restart (or Start)

    2. Purge out the IPC directory in %userdir%\.obm\IPC.  This directory has a running file that may not have been cleared if the backup job is interupted.

    3. Anti-Virus software is hindering the scheduler from starting.  Disable all anti-virus software temporarily to test this.

    4. The time zone is set incorrectly on your account.  This would cause a "missed" status report to be sent, as well as the legitimate report.  You may edit this in the "User Advancedfile" section of the desktop client

    5. The "Run scheduled backup on this computer" tick box is not ticked for the corresponding backup set.  To check, Open the backup software backup client -> Settings -> choose affected backup set -> Backup Schedule

      NOTE: If using a single backup account to backup multiple computers/servers, only perform this step FROM the machine that is having the issue.

    6. One of the most common reasons for an initial "missed" backup in Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, and 2008 is the UAC (User Account Control) is blocking the application from starting. Try temporarily turning off UAC by following these brief steps:

      • Windows Vista and 2008: See the "To Turn off UAC " section in this Microsoft technet article)
      • Windows 7: Click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control Settings. Move the slider all the way to the bottom.

      You can start a manual backup to test by exiting the client and right-clicking the tray icon -> Backup -> Backup_set_name.  See  Can I manually force an online backup to run?

      Although many Admins disable UAC on Windows Server 2008, we do not "recommend" leaving UAC disabled in Windows 2008, Vista, or 7 as it could be a security risk. 

    7. Your computer is not powered on or is in suspend/sleep mode during the scheduled backup time.

    8. The backup job is already running before the scheduled backup kicked off.

    9. Internet connection is down between you and the backup server.

    10. The backup account password was changed outside of the desktop client (e.g. web console, CMS).  When you change the password outside of the desktop client, you must open the client and log in at least once so the software can pull down the new password.

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