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If the backup source is a remote share, you would simply use the UNC format in the backup set.  For example: \\server_name\share_name

  1. Open the backup software backup client -> Click Settings  (at bottom)
  2. Choose the appropriate backup set from the drop down (top)
  3. Click "Backup Source"
  4. Click the "Advanced" button (right pane)
  5. Expand the "Network" item (left pane)
  6. Drill down to the server\share that you want to backup and select
  7. Done, save settings.

    (You may also accomplish this task via the client management portal in the "Backup Set" section).

When backing up network drives or remote servers, the user account defined in the backup client (that backup software uses to backup your local machnine) must have permissions to access any remote storage. To define or change this user, open your backup client -> click "backup settings" (icon at the bottom left) -> click "General". You will see "User Authentication". This user needs to be the same on all remote servers that need backing up, and it could be a domain user if needed.

A best practice is to create a user called "backup" (or whatever you like) that has admin priviledges on the local machine and all remote machines. We recommend against using a personal account or the Administrator account because the passwords can change often.

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